Bunsen Air Heat Exchange System

Hot Water Day & Night All Weathers 365 Days a Year

Solar Solutions introduces a new heating technology which allows hot water heating from the free energy in the atmosphere. Many years of research and development into the best heat pumps, new solar technology and systems of solar heating has developed the Bunsen Air solar assisted heat pump. This renewable hot water heating system transfers the abundant energy in the atmosphere using 2 externally mounted collector panels, to heat the water in your domestic hot water cylinder. The Bunsen Air system can comfortably produce 100% of any domestic hot water requirements.

The principle of the Bunsen Air system is that the ozone friendly refrigerant that is used, which naturally BOILS at -26°C will always be significantly heated if exposed to any weather conditions in the U.K., and the energy in the U.K. climate is FREE!

This process is also referred to as Thermodynamic hot water or Thermodynamic panels – a process of thermal heating to generate free hot water other than a very small amount of electricity cost.

In order to use the thermodynamic hot water principle to efficiently heat your domestic hot water, two simple circuits are created when the Bunsen Air system is installed. These are the internal hot water circuit and the external refrigerant circuit, both of which are connected to the Bunsen Air Heat Pump Unit.

The refrigerant circuit simply runs from the Bunsen Air unit out to the thermodynamic panels and back – allowing the cold liquid to be heated to a boiling gas and returned to the Bunsen Air unit. The hot water circuit simply taps into the hot water flow and return of the hot water cylinder to take the cylinder water to the Bunsen to absorb the heat from the Bunsen as the refrigerant is compressed back to a cold liquid.

When on full automatic mode, the Bunsen Air will switch on as soon as it detects a 5°C drop in temperature in the cylinder, and reheat the cylinder to 55°C at which point it will switch off. The time zones and target temperatures can be set and changed on advanced settings if required.

Hot Water Circuit - this involves simply plumbing the Bunsen Air unit into the flow and return of your existing hot water cylinder. In doing so some additional pipework will be created, and so in order to limit this pipework, and any possible heat loss, the Bunsen Air unit is always located close to the hot water cylinder. 
When in operational mode, the small pump inside the Bunsen Air unit will pump the water from the hot water cylinder through the Bunsen Air unit where it will absorb the heat from the internal heat exchanger and keep heating the hot water until the hot water cylinder reaches the pre-set temperature, at which point it will automatically switch off.

Refrigerant Circuit - The Ozone friendly refrigerant leaves the Bunsen as a liquid, and while passing through the two solar collectors the liquid refrigerant heats up and changes it's state from a liquid to a gas - or 'super-heated vapour'. This super-heated vapour then returns back to the Bunsen Air unit where it is compressed back to a liquid, and the resulting heat is transferred via a heat exchanger to the water as it flows past. The refrigerant, now back as cool liquid flows back out to the panels again absorbing more energy as it heats again. This process is continual until the hot water cylinder is returned to temperature, at which point it will automatically switch off.

Low Energy - The only energy used in this process is the small amount of electricity used to run the Bunsen Air unit. Those who have some solar to offset the electrical running costs may have completely free hot water! The energy transferred from the outside atmosphere to the refrigerant is FREE from the atmosphere.
In field trials in Yorkshire the Bunsen Air reheated a 200ltr cylinder from 34 degrees to 55 degrees in just 1 hour and 40 minutes on a fairly dull day when it was 9 degrees outside.



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