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Solar Solutions offers an unbeatable variety of services to all of our clients, big or small. Clients who decide to work with us can take advantage of a whole range of extra services we provide, such as Energy Efficiency Consultation or Solar Panel Repair. Please get in touch to learn more about what we can offer you.

Social Energy Revolution

Save up to 70% on your bills

We are a Utility Like No Other.
We don’t give all the money to the energy fat cats. Our energy network isn’t made up of big expensive power stations. Instead, it’s made up of our customers, their solar and their energy storage batteries - all wirelessly linked, creating a power station in the sky.

Solar Battery Storage

Save your unused electricity

Solar batteries are designed to maximise your solar energy production meaning you can use free electricity even at night.
This gives you the opportunity to maximise the returns from your solar panels and substantially reduce your dependance on the 'grid'.

Be more self sufficient with a Solar Battery
Our battery storage systems are safe, very reliable, and provide the lowest lifetime energy cost for both new solar customers and retrofit customers.

Bunsen Air Heating Exchange System

Hot Water Day & Night All Weathers 365 Days a Year

Solar Solutions introduces a new heating technology which allows hot water heating from the free energy in the atmosphere. Many years of research and development into the best heat pumps, new solar technology and systems of solar heating has developed the Bunsen Air solar assisted heat pump. This renewable hot water heating system transfers the abundant energy in the atmosphere using 2 externally mounted collector panels, to heat the water in your domestic hot water cylinder. The Bunsen Air system can comfortably produce 100% of any domestic hot water requirements.

Specifically developed for the U.K. climate this technology is not dependent on direct sunlight, unlike most types of solar heating. Instead energy is transferred from even the coldest weather, and works day and night – the perfect solution for the U.K. climate. 



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